Past Events - 2011

January 2011


Villains Secret Meeting - Cyberpunk...

Thursday, January 6 at 6:30pm


Visit to The Gothic Rose Antiques

Monday, January 17 at 11:30am


Villains Secret Meeting - Evil Genius

Wednesday, January 19 at 6:30pm


Villains Invasion of the Edwardian Ball

Friday, January 21 at 8:00pm

February 2011

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

 Villains Secret Meeting - Atompunk Sock Hop & Cocktail Party


 In February, we will be opening the time tunnel into the mid-twentieth century. We will explore the power (and the aesthetic) of the Atomic Era. Join Emperor Macabre, and bring your raygun.

 For the fun-loving, young at heart, a dance room will be set up for a "sock hop". We will go ape and get kooky on the dance floor to Atomic Rock & Roll and Surf Rock. For the more sophisticated villains, enjoy the good life at the Villains cocktail party. Of course, the REAL villains will enjoy both.

 There will, of course, be a costume contest. Start looking for inspiration now. (Macabre will help you out by posting clues here and there.) More details will soon follow...


 ADDENDUM - 1 February


 We (that is, the royal we) are sorry and sad to announce that we are forced to postpone the AtomPunk Sock Hop and Cocktail Party. This was due to unforeseen problems with the venue. We will post a new announcement for next week (9 February) for the same event at a different venue. Unfortunately, Macabre has been forced to find a new secret lair - Vega's in Old Sac. We hope that all loyal Villains will follow him to the new lair and partake in his vulpine villainy. That is all, for now.

 ** Please note that we had complaints, from the last venue, that we did not spend enough money. This was, ultimately, the reason they dropped us. It would be nice to see our members patronize the new venue (lair). They have a menu including hot dogs, polish dogs, and nachos. Nothing is more than $4. Please consider making a small contribution to the bar or kitchen.


Saturday, February 19, 2011

 After-Valentine's Black Heart Tea Party


 The LOPV order -- The Daughters of Euphoria, the ensemble of treacherous and deadly Lolitas -- have forced us to post an invitation to their first League event.

 Bring your own tea cup and saucer. Tea and accompanying appropriate treats will be provided. Please feel free to bring some baked goods or any snack to share.

 We will be creating black heart un-valentines. Bring things to create these (paper, stickers, glitter, glue, scissors, bows, skulls, scabs, poisoned arrows, etc.). A prize will go to the most macabre.

 We will have board games and card games, but if you can think of something more that you’d like to play, bring it or let us know.

 Any and all League members are welcome. A word of warning here...if you attend, you may not be allowed to leave...


Wednesday, February 23, 2011

 Villains Secret Meeting - Evil Genius Workshop


 Just as we did in January, we will hold another Evil Genius Workshop on the last Wednesday in February. Please feel free to bring any (and all) works in progress -- including devices, guns, costume pieces, etc. Inventors, makers and mad scientists should be ready to share comments on others' works.

 Macabre plans to share some faux metallic painting techniques. This will also be the second official meeting of the Order of the Magnetic Rose. If you would like to be involved in our buiders group, and take part in the construction of the ultimate battle wagon, you will not want to miss this meeting. That is all for now...


Wednesday, March 9, 2011

 Villains Secret Meeting - Splatterpunk Party


 The second Wednesday in March will see the League at a new venue...and a new theme -- Splatterpunk. This is a general term for classifying excessively disturbing horror literature and film. This will be the League's interpretation: Come dressed in your steampunk attire...but make it look as though you've died violently! If you do not wish to appear dead, you can become a victim once you arrive. We will be taking new memento mori photographs, so bring a means to murder someone else within the group.

 We are trying out The Other Office as a potential new (and permanent) lair. It is a lovely dark and newly refurbished club with an underground party room and a solarium. This may work out to be our best venue yet.

 That is all.


Wednesday, March 23, 2011

 Villains Secret Meeting - Evil Genius Workshop


 The 23rd of March marks our third Evil Genius Workshop -- and the final meeting prior to Nova Albion. If you have worked on a device, gadget, or costume piece for the convention, please feel free to bring it to this meeting and show it off.

 We will also be discussing future events...including a gun-building workshop, which will be a fundraiser for the Order of the Magnetic Rose. Please join us at our new lair for drinks, food, fine conversation, and vicious plotting...


Friday, March 25, 2011

 Villain Party Room - Nova Albion Steampunk Exhibition


 Whilst the Villains invade the Nova Albion Steampunk Exhibition, we (that is, the royal "we") realized that you scoundrels needed a place to kick back and blow off some steam... We have obtained a room on the party floor of the hotel, and we will be converting it into Macabre's Black Market and Den of Iniquity.

 Since the theme of the convention is "Wild, Wild East", we have decided to create a unique environment akin to a Moroccan tea room and trading post. We will have music and refreshments, and you will have the opportunity to interface with Villains from other communities.

 *Please note that the posted times may change. When we know the room number, you will receive a message. OR, you may stop by our information table on the mezzanine level of the hotel for further information.



Saturday, March 26, 2011

 Villain Party Room (Night Two) - Nova Albion Steampunk Exhibition


 Whilst the Villains invade the Nova Albion Steampunk Exhibition, we (that is, the royal "we") realized that you scoundrels needed a place to kick back and blow off some steam... We have obtained a room on the party floor of the hotel, and we will be converting it into Macabre's Black Market and Den of Iniquity.

 Since the theme of the convention is "Wild, Wild East", we have decided to create a unique environment akin to a Moroccan tea room and trading post. We will have music and refreshments, and you will have the opportunity to interface with Villains from other communities.

 *Please note that the posted times may change. When we know the room number, you will receive a message. OR, you may stop by our information table on the mezzanine level of the hotel for further information.



Thursday, April 7, 2011

 Villains Secret Meeting - Film Noir Assassin Game


 For our first meeting in April, we are again stepping back to the mid twentieth century. We (and that is, the royal "WE") are opening a time portal into the alternate, mono-chromatic reality that is film noir. Please feel free to dress in your dieselpunk attire. In the interest of keeping things interesting, we will be initiating a version of the assassin game. You will be given a random name of someone to "kill". Never fear, my minions... Someone will have your name as well. The last person standing will win a prize. More information will soon follow.


Saturday, April 16, 2011

 Daughters of Euphoria - Eater Egg Hunt


 We have recently received a transmission from one of the interim lieutenants of the terrorist organization the Daughters of Euphoria. Use caution. This may very well be a candy-laden trap! Please read the following message and proceed at your own risk:


 This is Clara Candy Caper! An attempt made by the Daughters of Euphoria to enchant plastic Easter Eggs to animate and steal candy from children went horribly wrong! The animated "EATER EGGS" would not obey our commands and began eating anything and everything they could fit in their mouths! They are now loose in Elk Grove Park and wreaking havoc! On April 16th at 2pm we're gathering to hunt down these little monsters. Any of the members of the League of Proper villains may attend and assist and we encourage them to bring any younger relatives they wish since we found that children have an innate ability to track down and capture the "EATER EGGS". But first...tea! Please join us for our "EATER EGG HUNT" and watch your fingers.


Tuesday, April 26, 2011

 LOPV Maker Event - Guns and Gasmasks

Public Event for The League of Proper Villains


 The Bureau of Belligerent Affairs has arranged for space to be rented for a workshop at the end of April. For a small donation of five dollars, members of the League will be able to paint and modify a variety of blasters for their own fiendish ends. This donation will benefit the Order of the Magnetic Rose (the League order of builders). Additional bags of bits and decorations will be available (also for a small, one-time donation).

 As an additional treat, our own mad genius Tom Banwell has agreed to help us. He will be on hand to hold the gasmask workshop he put together for Nova Albion. This will be a special encore session for villains who may have missed the workshop and/or the convention itself. For the small price of $30, you can purchase one of Tom's "Ronin" gas mask kits. Normally selling for $125 fully assembled and stained these kits include all the rivets, leather, canisters and supplies to make an unstained leather gas mask... This is a fantastic chance to make your own, personal mask with Tom Banwell on hand to walk you through the entire process!

 Please RSVP early. Supplies are first come, first serve. If this event proves to be successful, we may hold another in the near future to paint and decorate goggles. Until then, stay vile, Comrades!


Thursday, May 5, 2011

 Villains Secret Meeting - Cthulhu by Gaslight


 For the first League meeting of May, we welcome our new order "Angels of the Night" and step into another time and place, the 1890s, when London was the financial and cultural center of the English-speaking world. In this meeting we encourage our Vampires, worshipers of otherworldly entities, and lovers of the macabre and gothic (those of you who prefer the dark side, and all other-worldly creatures) to come out from your hiding places.

 Wear your finest, darkest neo-victorian and steampunk garb. For this meeting, we will hold a "Character Contest". The Villain with the creepiest persona will win tickets to a raffle, which will be held the following week at our "Villains Take Over the Night" dance. There we will be raffling off several vile treasures and antiquities from the darkest recesses of time.

 More details will soon follow. Until then, stay vile, Comrades!


Saturday, May 14, 2011

 Villains Take Over the Night


 We have recently received a transmission from beyond... Madame Mulla, leader of the order of "The Angels of the Night" has sent me this invitation:

 "Take a trip through time and place with the LOPV. The Villains and our group The Angels of the Night would like to invite you to a dance and concert at the Mirror Ballroom. Come dressed in your finest Black ready to Kill.

 This event will feature:

 Classic Victorian style dances created just for LOPV by the Sacramento Ballroom Society.

 A small concert by local musicians. (Musical themes will be Roccoco Rock, Neo-Victorian, Gothic International, and Dark Acoustic.)

 Raffle prizes and much more.

 Vampires, lovers of the macabre and gothic; those of you who prefer the dark side, and all other-worldly creatures, you are welcome."

 (Since this event is a fundraiser for future League events, there will be a small door fee of $5. Also, this is an appetizer potluck event. The Mirror Ballroom has a kitchen and lounge. We are requesting that all attendees contribute to refreshments.)

 We are cautiously optimistic that our tenuous treaty with these creatures of the night will be advantageous to the League. More details will soon follow. Until then, be wary of any exposed neck skin, and stay vile!


Saturday, May 21, 2011

 Villain Invasion of the Maker Faire


 Hop into the steampowered battle tank, and let's take a road trip to San Mateo to invade the world's largest DIY festival! Members of the Order of the Magnetic Rose should be particularly interested in this event. More details will soon follow regarding the coordination of a meetup at this faire. Until then, check out the website...oh, and stay vile...


Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Villains Secret Meeting - Evil Genius Workshop


 With the coming of May, we are bringing back the Evil Genius Workshop. For those new members who are unfamiliar, this meeting allows members to bring in new devices, art, costume pieces, etc. If you are working on a particular project (doomsday device, killer robot, etc.), even if it is unfinished, please feel free to bring it. The forum discussion allows members to receive feedback from other evil geniuses within the League.

 We will also be returning to the discussion of a large scale build project with the Order of the Magnetic Rose. If you do not already belong to the Order, and you are interested in building and tinkering, this will be your opportunity to become involved.

 Also, at this meeting, Macabre may bring his latest sonic disruption weapon (my new theremin I built)... Until then, stay vile, Comrades!


Thursday, June 9, 2011

 Villains Secret Meeting - "Topsy-Turvy"


 In preparation for our trip into Wonderland, our next meeting will be themed accordingly. To Macabre, topsy-turvy means "come as you aren't". Interpret this theme into your costume however you like. Do you want to dress as a hero, instead of a Villain? Do you want to wear all white, instead of black? Do you want to dress as a member of the opposite sex? Do you want to dress as a person from another time/place/etc.? It's all good (or...not so good). An award will be given to the most outlandish Villain.

 Come as you aren't. Shake things up a bit. Step outside your comfortable box, and into the Other Office...


Sunday, June 12, 2011

 Malice in Wonderland (LOPV Picnic)


 Leap straight through the looking glass this June... In all his travels, Macabre has discovered a crack in space and time -- finding a portal to another world ready for domination. Cause malice in this "Wonderland" and join the King and Queen of Clubs in their quest to bring order to this warped and terrifying world. As the newly ordained monarch of this plane, I have arranged several activities for you to enjoy:

 1. Participate in the "Down the Rabbit Hole" scavenger hunt, where we will provide a map and guide to this horrible land. Four winners will receive the King's favor...and a special prize.

 2. Join the Mad Hattress (our own Maleficent Blameworthy) in a special hat decorating workshop. Just bring your own basic hat and some creative ideas.

 3. The King will cordially invite select guests to complete in a game of "Minion Croquet". Choose a lackey and force him/her to be your living wicket. Laugh maniacally as we fire our balls toward human targets.

 4. Join the mad iced tea party, where all rules of Victorian etiquette are discouraged...or downright ignored! Topsy turvy rules will be provided for the discerning Villain who wishes to participate... Mind your manners, and you may be clubbed!

 All proper Villains are welcome to join us at McKinley Park, right near the rose garden, for this vile event. We will provide tea. You will provide food, and other desired refreshments, for yourself. If you fail to do so, you can just EAT ME! More details will soon follow. Until then, stay vile, Comrades!


Tuesday, June 14, 2011

 International Steampunk Day - Villain Invasion Downtown


 It has come to our attention that June 14th is International Steampunk Day. Let us make an impromptu event of this and invade the mundanes downtown. The plan is to get as many people dressed in costume, in one place, as possible. Let us show the mundanes how Proper Steampunk Villains dress...

 We will meet at the bottom floor of the Downtown Plaza mall, in the main circle patio, in front of River City Brewing Company. From there, we will go on a quest to find the best photo opportunities around Old Sac. After, we may invade select bars and other establishments not commonly visited by Steampunks.

 Join us for the invasion! Until then, stay vile, Comrades.


Sunday, June 26, 2011

 Impromptu Villains Invasion of the Fair Oaks Tudor Fayre

While the Admiral is abroad, he has authorized us to prepare a guerilla strike against the unsuspecting populace of the Fair Oaks Tudor Fayre this coming Sunday, June 26th. Through the use of nefarious dark technologies, we will be traveling back to the 15th and 16th centuries to survey their defenses for potential future invasion. The Fayre starts at 10am and we will gather at 11am (one hour after opening) inside the entrance to view the grounds together. Members are free to arrive early to scout or break off into individual parties after the meet-up, but this way will be able to take some group photos and enjoy being a delightfully malignant presence at the Fayre together before it gets too warm.

 Time-travelling or period appropriate attire is encouraged but never required. We hope to see you there...

 And as always... Stay Vile, comrades!


 $12 Adults

 $6 Children 12 and under

 $6 Seniors 65 and over, peace officers, fire, and military

 Free Children 3 and under

 $30 Family Packs ( 2 adults and 2 kids )

 $3 Add additional children to a Family Pack.

 $20 Two day adult passes.

 Students bring student ID for discount.

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

 Villains Secret Meeting - Evil Genius Workshop


 We (that is, the royal "WE") would like to announce our second meeting of the month. For the second meeting of every month, the League holds an "Evil Genius Workshop". Here artists, builders, and gadgeteers can feel free to bring in projects and show them off to the group. Our group of talented evil geniuses may have some well-needed tips for your project.

 Also, if you would like to be involved in our long-discussed (and eagerly anticipated) kinetic sculpture/human-powered vehicle project, this will be your opportunity to join the Order of the Magnetic Rose. We will soon be finalizing plans for the project and will (hopefully) begin the build during the summer.

 For now, that is all. Stay vile, Comrades!


Sunday, July 17, 2011

 League of Proper Villains Anniversary Pool Party


 We are pleased to announce that the middle of July marks our one year (or one hundredth year, depending on the timeline) anniversary for the League. TimePunk, Incorporated invites you to the Macabre's Sanitorium and Resort, where you can relax and recuperate from a year of crime and villainy.

 The year is 1905. Macabre has re-entered the timeline and taken over a fitness resort. There, he has created a place for his fellow villains to get some proper relaxation.

 Last year, we held villain tryouts. This year, we will have a Vilest Villain Pageant. This will include a villains talent show and a (world's craziest) swimsuit competition.

 Are your fists sore from beating the innocent? Are your legs tired from fleeing the authorities? Sidle up to the "Seven Deadly Sins Bar" and enjoy a cocktail, whilst you relax by Macabre's moat (swimming pool).

 Please note that this will be a potluck event. Villains who do not bring food to share will be disintegrated. More details will soon follow. Until then, stay vile!


Wednesday, July 27, 2011

 Villains Secret Meeting


 We will be holding our only actual meeting of July on the 27th at The Other Office. Come join the League for underground fun and stimulating conversation. Feel free to bring any gadgets or costumes you have been contructing. Since this meeting is just before our invasion of the Fairytale Town ball, feel free to show off your middle eastern inspired costume...or come dressed in dark fantasy inspired garb...or just simply come as you always do. All are accepted. We require more minions. Until then, stay vile, Comrades!


Saturday, August 6, 2011

LOPV Invasion of Fairytale Town's Moonlight Costume Ball


 Last year, several of us had a fantastic time at Fairytale Town's first ever moonlight adult event. Apparently, it is happening again. Since the theme is Arabian Nights, those of us who attended Nova Albion this year already have appropriate costumes. We will be encouraging people to wear black and red (as much as possible) and wear our official LOPV armbands. There will most likely be a group costume contest. We would like to have be as cohesive as possible with our attire. Here is the official announcement:

 Moonlight Costume Ball: Arabian Nights

 Join Fairytale Town for the second annual Moonlight Costume Ball, Arabian Nights, an after hours enchanted evening filled with costumes, music, dancing and fun! Costumes are required. This is a special ticketed event, ticket holders must be at least 18 years of age or older. Food & adult beverage will be available for purchase.


This is the point where our timeline was altered by forces even eviler than our own. Details will one day be revealed on this website.

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

 Villains Secret Meeting

We will be holding our first regular meeting of August on 10th at River City Saloon.

 916 2nd Street

 Sacramento CA, USA.

 Come join the League for underground fun and stimulating conversation.

 Feel free to bring any gadgets or costumes you have been constructing. Please share your latest projects with and get to know your fellow villains better.

 All are accepted. We require more minions. Until then, take no prisoners!

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Villains Secret Meeting ~ Planning the Invasion

For The League of Proper Villains & Friends

 WANTED: Volunteers, Event coordinators, Steampunk Styling Aficionados.

 This is Rose Teathyme from the League of Proper Villains. Join me and your fellow Villains and Steampunks at The Other Office, Thursday August 25th, to help plan our invasion of Old Sacramento Gold Rush Days.

 At this meeting we will be planing the event & gathering volunteers.

 New members, do you require assistance with costumes and props for the event?

 Do any of you have something you would care to trade, sell, or share to help other members with their Steampunk attire and accouterments for the Gold Rush Days Invasion?

 This is your chance to show off what you are working on and assist other members with their garb and gadgets. Please comment this event if you require assistance so your comrades can come to your aid.

 As you know we have decided to crash a very popular annual event -- Old Sacramento Gold Rush Days on Sunday September 4th. At this event, we will be amongst period-costumed individuals. To set us apart, we will have to wear our Steampunk Finest. Bring any, and all, gadgets and rayguns. Along with the Sacramento Steampunk Society, it will be a full-force invasion to 'steampunk up' this period event. We'll invade several locations as a group and do photo shoots. We'll use our regular hideout – The Other Office, as our base of operations. This allows us a cool place to eat and drink during the festivities.

 So please join us for this planing and sharing meeting. We need your help to make this a great invasion.

 All are welcome, new minions encouraged. Till we meet again,

 Rose Teathyme from The League of Proper Villains

Thursday, August 25, 2011

 Joint planning meeting with the League of Proper Villains

The Other Office, Old Sacramento, ,

                This planning meeting will be the start of the first planned joint-venture between the Sacramento Steampunk Society and the League of Proper Villains. Those who have been long time members of both groups (or only the SSS) may want to come to this meeting to encourage future cooperation. Planning meeting on August 25th, Invasion of Gold Rush Days (streets of old town covered in dirt, no motorized vehicles allowed - living in 1860) on Sunday, September 4th. Come prepared to brainstorm a fun event.

 More info:

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

 Villains Secret Meeting ~ Zombies Have More Fun!

Welcome to our Halloween Party Planning meeting ~ Zombies Have More Fun!

 This first regular meeting of October will continue our Outrageous Theme Series with our come as a Zombie Event. We can plan our Private Halloween party as well as swap goolish tales.

 Coming right from work and don't have time to Zombiefy yourself ahead of time. Come at 5:30 in your mundane clothes and we will be happy to Zombie you up. Or simply come as you are, Zombies need unwilling victims. You should come either way.

 Friends are welcome, don't forget new minions as well.

 Goolish Delights, Monsters Welcome!

Saturday, October 22, 2011

 2nd Villains Invasion of the Annual Vampire Ball ~ Dracula Through the Ages

Dear Members,

 We would like to offer our second year in a row, Invasion of th Annual Vampire Ball. The League has personally been invited by Madame (Shannon McCabe) Macabre to attend. You should have as many opportunities as possible to share your terrifying selves to the masses out there, perhaps collect a few more minions to our cause!

 Please RSVP as soon as possible as tickets were sold out last year!

 It is possible we will receive a group discount. Let us that you will be attending. I am in contact with M. Macabre and I will relay your response to her.

 Event Location:

 The Crescent Club Speakeasy

 1023 Front Street Old Sacramento CA

 (Inside the Governor Newton Booth Mansion)

 Dinner reservations available at the Crescent Club upstairs with a special Vampire Ball menu before 8pm.

 "This is not your average Halloween Party"- Shannon McCabe

 3 Bars -  Absinthe -  Vamp Tramp Go Go Dancers -  DJ's Bryan Hawk & David V. -  Silent Auction to benefit Romanian Animal Charity, - Dracula's Boudoir -  VIP Dungeon -  Outdoor Graveyard -  2 Dance Halls -  Costumed "Dracula" Characters interact with you -  Beautiful Victorian Decor -  Vendors

 Dinner reservations available prior to 8pm at Cafe Americain (upstairs)

 Tickets Available online for $15.00 at  http://

 Click on the "Tickets" to be taken to paypal. You will be sent an email reciept and your name will be placed on our list at the door.  Door $20

 We hope to meet you at the 3rd Annual Vampire Ball at the Crescent Club on October 22nd.

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

 Putt Putt of Doooooooooom!

Last year the LOPV held an incredibly popular event at Monster Mini Golf, and now the League will return once again to this hallowed ground of black lights and monsters for another evening of great conversation, fun folks, and golf!

 Drinks/dinner afterwards? We're open for suggestions!

 Cattleman's, Rudy's Hideaway Steakhouse and Lobster Bar, and The Old Spaghetti Factory are all nearby. Cattleman's is open until 10pm, Rudy's and the Spaghetti Factory are open until 930pm.

Sunday, December 18, 2011

 Villains Invasion of The Dickens Fair

Once again the Villains will invade the Dickens Fair. Please join us for a memorable trip through the bustling streets of London, immortalized for all time by the mighty pen of Charles Dickens, form the living backdrop of your excursion into Christmas Past. You are a living part of a Victorian Christmas card come to life!

 Come wander the lanes of Victorian London, as the glow of twilight settles upon the city, with the scent of pine boughs & freshly baked scones floating in the air and the sound of carolers and holiday merrymakers accompanying your stroll.

 We look forward to seeing you there.


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