Welcome to the League of Proper Villains.

In the Victorian world of steam, mighty airships ply the skies and heroes and adventurers spread out across the world to do what they think are good and heroic deeds. We know better. These leaders and 'heroes' disrupt everyone and leave a mess in their wake. We don't want to rule the world. On the contrary, we want the people of the world to think for themselves and find the proper path. For this the 'heroes' call us 'villains' - a title we wear with pride.

We promote ingenuity. We invent, we create, and we forge the devices that make the world a better place. We promote literacy by instigating the stories that encourage you to read under the covers into the wee small hours of the morning. We are proper. We believe in polite, civil sensibility, for manners maketh man. What are we? We are Steampunk's League of Proper Villains.

Steampunk is a science fiction subset, consisting of a retro futuristic aesthetic based primarily on the fashions and technologies of 19th century Britain. We expand on this theme and take the dress, manners and mores into different eras of time. We call this 'Timepunk'.  Travelling through time and place, we are a contradiction in time and will never stereotype ourselves. We are who, what, when, where and how we want to be. We fit in where and when we want to. We may clothe ourselves in the garb of many times and places. We are creative, interesting, innovative, forward thinking, "Proper Villains" one and all.

Anchored in the steampunk world, the League holds dinners, invasions, and themed events from many periods in history. The location of our meetings changes frequently -- in order to sufficiently avoid the authorities.

Making the world a better place, one Villain at a Time.

Soon to come: Villain Biographies, the History of the League, and many other items hidden throughout the website.

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